About Us

Hello, and welcome to Coco's Bowtique! My name is Samantha, and I opened this little bow shop in June 2017. My daughter Chloe ("Coco") was my biggest inspiration. She has the thickest and curliest hair, so I started to make bows to tame her locks as well as add to her sassy style. I decided I wanted to share my unique creations with the rest of the world, and so Coco's Bowtique was born! The shop was started via Etsy, but I decided it was time to branch out and build my own website with my own personal touches and ideas. My goal is to create unique, fun, one of a kind hair accessories with sizes/styles that you can customize. I'm grateful for the growth this shop has acquired via social media, where I've met a ton of amazing mama's who love to support small shops. The community I've found myself in is amazing and the biggest reward is seeing photos your little girls wearing their Coco's Bowtique bows that are made with 100% love! I hope you enjoy the quality and uniqueness of our hair bows! Feel free to message us with any questions/concerns/requests. 


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